Thursday, 1 October 2015

55 Years of Freedom

Today, Nigeria celebrates the 55th year of her existence as a sovereign state. We’ve been through a lot as a nation, and many huddles still need to be crossed. Many challenges have threatened our nationhood, and at certain points, some parts of the country sought secession.

In the phase of numerous challenges that has plagued our development and existence, we remain a strong indivisible entity with huge potential. Obviously, we are not where we should be, but at the same time, we are far from where we used to be. The pace of our growth may be at a snail speed, there is however room for consolidation.
Considering the level we are today, one may be tempted to ask if there is anything to celebrate after 55 years of sovereignty. As for me, I can celebrate our resilience as a people. In the phase of divergent cultural and political orientation, a people of over 250 languages have stayed together for 55 years and counting.
Many countries that are more homogeneous have struggled to achieve this, Sudan being a recent example of what disunity can do to a nation like ours have not known peace for years.

At this time in our laborious journey to greatness, we need not remind ourselves of the past failures, nor focus on the things we have not achieved as a people, rather, we must resolve to believe in the future of Nigeria. Our faith in the possibility of a country of our dreams will energize us to work to achieve this.

Loosing hope in Nigeria won’t make us automatic citizens of another nation. Nigeria is ours to build. The past is prologue, the present is in our hands, and whatever we do now will determine where we shall be in years to come.